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International Bike Fitting 
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Who is this service available to?

We've developed our in-person and online fitting services so anyone, anywhere can maximize their fit - whether road, tri, time-trial, hybrid or mountain bike is the answer!

We're based in Shropshire UK, but our online system is optimized for fitting over the internet - opening the service up to everyone, and the results equal those of an face-to-face fit. The advantage of the face to face fit is that we make all of the adjustments, no effort required on your part, and the full fit is finalised in ~ 2 hours.

How do we do it?

The process is the same for both in person and online fitting: using Qunitic motion analysis software and some manual measuring we determine 6 detailed anatomical measurements and use these to give precise alterations to your bike. See video to the right.

Our Software: Quintic 3D motion Software
We use this great software, as used by
British Cycling,  to analyze positions and imagery to calculate corrections which enable the perfect fit.
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This video demonstrates how the online bike fit works, how the analysis is carried out and how adjustment recommendations are achieved.

Quintic Bike Fitting analysis 
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Why is a bike fitting important?

For an in depth answer, read our article - 'Bike Fitting as a Performance Enhancer' here

In summary:

Increased efficiency - more speed for less effort
More power - greater power means higher speed
More comfortable - key to holding an aero/tucked position
More aerodynamic - less drag equates to faster speeds
Injury prevention - correct set-up helps knees, hips, back and neck

What others have to say: Online bike fit is totally awesome.  Had an overuse injury after changing the bike. Found this very easy to use service. Video'd myself on a turbo trainer and sent video off for analysis. Tiger frog provided a quick, scientific led response, along with lots of practical advice .  A few adjustments to bike and all is good.  (N. Slinn - Northamptonshire)

Read what others think of our service on our reviews page

"what a brilliant service the online bike fit is! I now find my bike much more comfortable and yet I am able to ride in a much more aero position for more of the time. I am also finding that my pedaling power is now more naturally being applied through a greater part of each stroke - much less stompy - and this is purely because of the fit."
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  What's Included:


In person
  Questionnaire and Skype/Phone  Face to Face Consultation  
  Self Filming  Manual and digital measuring   
  Position Analysed online Position Analysed immediately  
  Self adjustments  Adjustments carried out by us   
  Test Ride  Accompanied test ride   
  Unlimited alterations and advice  Unlimited alterations and advice   

  What is needed from you is:



In person
  A bike  A bike - it's simple!  
  An indoor trainer (turbo or rollers)     
  A way of filming yoursef    
  A computer to email/upload clips    

 Online Price: 65.00


 In Person Price: 90.00

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 tiger frog online bike fit
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Online Fitting - Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1:
Fill in this questionaire and email to us: phil@tigerfrog.co.uk

Step 2:
Film yourself following these guidelines

warm up first (10 mins+)

wear close fitting top and cycling shorts (ideally not black shorts, but not the end of the world at all)

film directly from side/front/rear

 pedal as you would normally at 'your' cadence

film on the aero bars if a tri bike or with clip-ons

if a road bike, film on tops, hoods and drops

ensure bottom of the pedal stroke and top of head/back are in video

film ~30secs from side

film ~10secs from front (directly from the front is so important for knee


film ~10secs from rear

(length of clips isn't too important, but these timings give us enough and keep the size of file down)

Step 3:

transfer files to phil@tigerfrog.co.uk via wetransfer.com


Step 4:

We will advise on if and how you will benefit from an online fit and direct you towards payment if you decide to progress with the online fit.


Step 5:

Enjoy faster and more comfortable riding!!

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