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10 July 12   

C-Series Carbon Clincher Video - We're aware we've only one showroom and limited retail outlets, so seeing our kit is very difficult for most of you. We plan to add videos of our products over the next few weeks and we've started with our C-Series Carbon Clinchers.

As per our bikes, all wheels are custom built, so options of decal colours, rim finish (matt/ gloss), spoke colour etc are all available.

We're so proud of these wheels and again we've proven that if you use only the finest components, add a bit of hand-built loving the results are the finest and fastest products.

20 June 12   

Online Training - FREE 7-DAY TRIAL. We’ve worked really hard to maximise the effectiveness of our online training and coaching services and are now offering a free 7-Day trial so you can see for yourselves how effective, personal and simple to use the packages are.

We all spend hundreds and thousands on kit, but only with effective coaching, (and a Power Meter - see 17 Jun below!!) can you ensure you reach your full potential and maximise your precious time set aside for training.

The online packages are 100% tailored to individuals, presented on Training Peaks with a free Premium account. This makes our programmes suitable for everyone - from those looking to improve general fitness through to elite athlete.

We tailor the programmes to your goals and your lifestyle. Whether your aiming to qualify for Kona, looking to achieve a marathon PB, aiming to improve strength and conditioning  or any other fitness goals, we are able to tailor packages to meet your exact needs. More....

Tiger Frog online training with training peaks

19 June 12   

2012 Tri Clothing - we've taken receipt of a new batch of 2012, so all tri clothing is now available in all sizes. The Iron tiger Long Distance suit, male and Female Viscus and Velox suits as well as male tri shorts and tri tops

male female tigerfrog trisuity

17 June 12   

PowerTap Wheels - we’re now able to build up our wheelsets with power meters from Cyclops, the PowerTap Pro from as little as £505 extra. Power meters take the guess work out of training and racing and we’re here to offer support too on how to get the most out of your Power Meter.

tiger frog wheels with PowerTap

17 May 12   

Alloy Aero Wheels - we're hoping to release our new alloy aero deep section wheels in the next few weeks. The image below shows the confirmed design for the wheels. We'll be putting full specs on the website, but considering they're not carbon, they're a very reasonable weight and the the high spec hubs and spokes make them a very high performing wheelset. The alloy rims and Sapim Laser 28 spoke count make them amazingly stiff and suitable for all riders.

Release date tbc but we're hoping for mid June

Tiger Frog TF50.s3 alloy deep section aero wheelset wheels

15 May 12

New kit available 30th May - our new range of cycling clothing is expected to be available from the end of May. We've been testing and tweaking and are really excited with the new kit. Arriving at the same time will be our male tri tops and new stock of our male tri shorts. Kit available:

Bib Shorts
Short Sleeved Multisport Jerseys
Compression shorts with running outer
Male Tri Tops
Male Tri Shorts

sumeer cycling collection

9 Apr 12

Triathlon Training Camps - we planning on running 2 training camps later on this summer. Dates to be confirmed, but we're looking at a triathlon skills weekend in Jun and a long distance weekend in July. Utilising B&B accommodation in Llangollen and facilities in the local area. More details to follow.....

tirathlon training weekends

9 Apr 12

New Range of Carbon Wheels - we're proud to offer our new range of wheels which should satisfy every riding style and budget - starting from only £450.

All wheels are hand-built using either our Alloy/Carbon rims, the 'S' series or our full carbon clinchers, the 'C' series.

The 'S' series are use our 42mm rim whereas the 'C' series use 38.50,60 or 80mm deep rims.

Available with custom decal colours and a choice of hubs and spokes, there really is a wheels for everyone!

Tiger Frog Carbon Wheels

9 Apr 12

2012 Cycling Clothing - a sneak peak of the 2012 summer cycling clothing range.
To include short-sleeve multi-sport jerseys, bib-shorts and lightweight water proof jackets, we're hoping to have these ready by the end of May.

Tiger Frog Summer Multisport jersey

Tiger Frog bib shorts

9 Apr 11

Iron Tiger Long Distance Tri Suit - the long awaited Iron Tiger is now available in a sizes. Designed as an long distance suit but suitable for all distance races, this outstanding suit is packed with features:

- full stretch shoulders for an unrestricted swim

- breathable panels

- SP50 multi-stretch fabric for cool sun protection

- 1/4 length sleeve

- 2 large rear pockets

- Comfort tri pad - comfort for 112 miles in the saddle and un-noticeable for the next 26.2

Iron Tiger Tris Uit


9 Apr 11

2012 Trisuits - our Viscus and Velox trisuits are available in all sizes in both male and female varieties. Changes from 2011 include:

- New multi-stretch Italian fabrics


- Improved zips


- 'Red' Tiger Frog Comfort Pad as standard across all designs


- Improved paneling/fit


We're really proud of the new suits and we're looking forward to receiving the male and female singlets and the female shorts which should arrive in the next few weeks


male female tigerfrog trisuity

  • 15 Nov 11

    Tiger Frog Gift Packs - We've Over the next week we'll be receiving the final items that will make up our new Gift Sets. Items included:
  •   Mugs
  • •  T-Shirts
  • •  Lock Laces
  •   Sports Bags
  • •  Neoprene toe covers
  •   Flip-flops
  •   Technical T's
  •   Winter Training Kit
  •      -  Overshoes
  •      -  Long Sleeve Multisport Tops
  •      -  'Blockade' Gloves

  • Set and custom gifts packs available to suit all
  • Gift Pack - Tiger Frog


14 Nov 11

Tiger Frog TF42 series Carbon/Alloy Clinchers - We've been keeping this one quiet but we're really happy to announce we'll shortly be taking receipt of our new TF42.S1 and TF42.S3 wheels sets

Both wheelsets use the same alloy rim with carbon aero fairing (total 42mm deep section), offering all the advantages of a clincher with the added advantages of a full aero tubular wheel; enhanced stiffness, braking and durability to name a few.

The S1 has upgraded hubs and spokes; however, both far out-perform other wheelsets in their price ranges.

TF 42 S.1 only £450
TF 42 S.3 only £550


TF42.S3 Wheelset

10 Nov 11

Tiger Frog Fitness and Nutrition Site Launched - Tiger Frog’s resident fitness and nutrition guru and is able to offer a great online solution to help achieve your fitness and/or nutritional goals. Online training and nutritional programmes are proven to be equal to face-to-face training methods when it comes to achieving personal goals.

All programmes are all 100% unique and based entirely on your goals and timescales – no 2 plans, training or nutritional, are alike.

Fitness – whether it’s your cycling, running, triathlon, strength, general fitness or physique you’re trying to improve, Phil has the knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve your goals.

Nutrition – a passion of his, Phil is able analyse your current diet and recommend changes to ensure you achieve your aims, whether it be weight loss, physical/sports endurance performance, or just a healthier lifestyle with ‘more energy’

         Tiger Frog Fitness

Tiger Frog Fitness and Nutriton   Tiger Frog Fitness 2

TF Articles

12 Oct 11

Designs finalised for the 2012 Male Trisuit range - for 2012 our male trisuit range will consist of the Viscus, the Velox and the Iron Tiger.

The Viscus will remain as our entry level suit but offer performance and comfort experienced with most mid range suits. Italian fabric, silicone leg grippers, enhanced breathability, 2 x large zipped pockets and our new Tiger Frog Tri pad which has performed flawless in all 3 disciplines during our extensive testing.

The Velox will remain as our speed suit with now with added zipped pockets that do not effect drag in non-wetsuit sanctioned races. ITU legal with rear zip, it's made from the finest water repellant fabric with 4 way stretch and great compressive qualities which do not restrict movement in any way. Fitted with our Tiger Frog tri pad, easily capable of ensuring comfort over any distance of race.

The final suit in our male range will be the extremely eagerly anticipated Iron Tiger. Designed to cope with everything a long distance race throws at you, the Iron Tiger is again packed with features that will ensure enduring comfort in all 3 disciplines. The high-rise collar prevents wet-suit rub, the 1/2 sleeve gives sun protection which offers zero restriction during the swim and our Tiger Frog tri pad fold un-noticeably between the legs providing upmost comfort during the run....we love it!

Tiger Frog Iron Tiger Tri Suit


2012 male Viscus
Tiger Frog Male Viscus Trisuit 2012

2012 Male Velox
Tiger Frog Male Velox Trisuit 2012

15 Aug 11

220 Triathlon Magazine Best on Test! - our new TF400C achieved Best on Test for sub £2000 tri bikes in the Spetemberssue. With 95% for handling and value and 89% overall.issue. With 95% for handling and value and 89% overall.

Achieving a PB on a 10 mile TT and the Cata nd Fiddle climb, the tester seemed to really like the bike. The Tiger Frog TF400C review can be read here


"the Tiger Frog strikes that perfect balance between aero aggression and a reasonably open hip angle"

"It’s whenever the road kicks up slightly that the Frog really flies, hinting that we may
have a rare beast on our hands – a lo-pro that can genuinely climb"

"our tester sets another PB and has to keep checking he isn’t onboard an out-and-out climbing road bike"

"The Tiger Frog is like a classic British two-seater roadster. Stripped down, lightweight, lightning fast off the mark, great fun through the bends and perfectly suited to sinuous mountain roads, heading up or down"

"The spec is 100% flexible and can be perfectly moulded to suit your riding and budget. Knowing that the guy who built your bike is only a phone call away, is a triathlete himself and knows what your bike means to you is priceless, and that service wins the test."


tf400c best on test

20 Jul 11

Winter Plans - if this is our summer, imagine what winter is going to be like! With this in mind and dread setting in, we're in the process of developing our new range of winter training kit.  The range will include the warmest flexable gloves available, fleece balaclavas (bear with us on this one!), Wintext skull caps, Windtex ear-warmers and Environment blocker overshoes. We aim to have these available in early October along with our winter compression training wear.


winter cycling

27 May 11

The New LADIES Tri Suit Range - our new ladies range again consists of the Viscus, Velox and Balbutio trisuits (top left - clockwise).  Using the finest materials we've been able to blow away the competition and produce a range at a fantastic price that provides ultimate comfort and speed.  Designed as the 2012 range, we just couldn't wait and we've put these into production early and should be available early July!

- SP50 Technical Fabric - The full range is made from Italian technical fabric that offers a level of compression and, due to the multi-way stretch, offers the perfect fit.  The Velox and Balbutio suits have Teflon coated fibres which allow the wearer to 'slide' through the water during the swim and reduces the water-exit weight significantly.

- Ergonomic Fit - the range has been designed and tested, adjusted and tested, tweaked and tested and then tweeked and tested again. The result? A suit that fits like no other.

- Bust Support - this has to be one of the most important features in a female trisuit and we couldn't be happoer with the results. Using highly compressive material in the upper front portion of the suit, there is an inherent level of support. We've added an integral bust support that acts like a full sports bra.  The 2 combined provide a level of support and comfort that far exceeds support usually found in female trisuits.

- Multi-Sport Pad - Fitted to the Velox and Balbutio, Cytech have done it again with their female long distance tri pad.  We think the even over a sprint you deserve ultimate comfort and this pads gives that and more - the multi-panel pad folds itself around the groin area going completely un-noticed during the run - amazing! The Viscus is equipped with our own tri-pad which offers a highly comparable and fantastic alternative to the Cytech pads.


 Tiger frog Ladies Visus TrisuitTiger frog Ladies Velox Trisuit
Tiger frog Ladies Balbutio Trisuit

26 Apr 11

The New IRON TIGER - the Ultimate long distance trisuit
.  Packed with the following amazing features that make it bar fast the finest trisuit in terms of comfort and performance.  No need to change between disciplines anymore.  We've some final tweaking to do but we're hoping the Iron Tiger will be available early July - so in time for the big UK Long Distance events!

- SP50 Technical Fabric - full sun protection

- Full Stretch 1/2 sleeve - full sun protection to the shoulders whilst remaining restriction free during the swim.  The underside of the arm is ultra breathable for comfort

- Ultra Mesh Side Panels - high ventilation to help control body temperature whilst maintaining modesty

- Full Length Double-Ended Zip - making toilet stops that much easier, either undo the zip from the bottom for easy standing access, or from the top down for easy sitting access

- Hi-Rise Collar - Say goodbye to neck rub/chaff even in salt water with this superbly soft lycra hi-rise collar.  Offers added neck protection from the sun.

- Breathable Back Panel - an intelligent fabric that offers great sun protection whilst providing ventilation to this high heat area

- Long Distance Tri Pad - Cytech have done it again with their long distance tri pad.  It offers ultimate comfort over long distance rides without the need for additional layers.  The multi-panel pad then folds itself around the groin area going completely un-noticed during the run - amazing!

Tiger Frog Iron Tiger Tri Suit

13 Apr 11

New 2011 Trisuit Range
.  Our 2011 Male Tri suit range has left the factory and is expected to arrive with us early next next week. 

- The entry-level Viscus trisuit (photo: bottom) maintains many of its predecessors features but has an improved main fabric with and enhanced breathable fabric intellectually positioned into the upper back and sides of the suit.  The tri suit is now equipped with our new signature hamstring compression panel.  All decals are again sublimated into the fabric meaning no no peeling labels.

- Our speed suit, the Velox trisuit (photo: top right) is now ITU legal with a 30cm rear zip.  The water cutting Teflon coated fabric is more durable and more compressive than last years suit. The Velox again features arguably the world's best tri-specific pad by Elastic-Interface and ultra-comfort silicon leg grippers.    The suit now has a highly technical fabric with enhanced moisture control that aids body temperature regulation.  The fastest and most technical suit we have ever made!

- The new Balbutio trisuit (photo: top left) is an all new design for 2011, closely realted to the Velox but designed for ultimate comfort over any race distance.  Forget losing valuable time in transition adding or removing extra padding for the bike, Elastic-Interface's multi-sport pad ensures ultimate comfort throughout all phases of the race, regardless of the distance.  Featuring technical breathable side panels that maintain full modesty whilst proving superb temperature control, regardless of the outside air temperature or humitdity.  We love this suit.

The full range will be available in short/top combos in the very near future.

Tiger Frog Balbutio Tri Suit 2011Tiger Frog Velox Tri Suit 2011
Tiger Frog Viscus Trisuit 2011

4 Feb 11

New TF400C Carbon Frame
.  We kept this one quiet but we've been working closely with manufacturers in China and we're happy to announce the completion of new TF400C design; date tbc, but the new carbon triathlon frame should be available from late summer.  We'll continue to run our extremely successful TF300C production into 2012 as the 2 are very much different beasts; there is a place for both in our range. We'll still be able to produce custom coloured decals for the TF300C. The TF400C has silver and white logos which allows us to generate completely individual designs by colour coding bar tape, Jagwire cable outer colours and tyre colours.

tf400c tf400 tigerfrog

29 Jan 11

Compression WearOur 2011 Tiger Frog Compression Wear Range has just arrived and will be available for purchase from Monday. We've long sleeve male and female compression tops and full length male and female compression tights.  We've be testing and adjusting these since August 10 and we couldn't be happier with the quality, fit and performance - we love 'em!

tiger frog male compression weartf compression

21 Dec 11

2011 Tri ClothingWe've just finalised our 2011 Tri clothing range.  The Viscus male suit will be the same design as 2010 but with a new Italian technical fabric and our own tri pad.  The Velox and Balbutio are a completely new design with a zip on the back of the Velox and a frontal, longer zip on the Babutio with 2 rear pockets. Photos to follow but these are sure to be our fastest, most comfortable suits ever. Expected to be available early Mar 11

balbutio 2011

21 Dec 11

Tiger Frog News PageWe've been thinking about this for a while and we think it's time we created a news page to keep you abreast will all Tiger Frog developments.  We'll shortly be creating a facebook page which will feature a mirror image of this page

edit - 2 Feb 11..... Our facebook page is now live, you can follow the link at the top left of each page or to the right.


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