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Tiger Frog Custom Clothing Terms and Conditions

Design Work:
The design work produced by Tiger Frog remains the sole property of ourselves until the customer proceeds with an order for each particular design.

Should the customer not proceed with an order they are liable for a £25 design fee per item design, up to a maximum of £100. Customers must place their orders within 3 months of the acceptance of designs, or will be billed.

Samples are sent out free of charge. If samples are not returned within 6 weeks of receipt, we reserve the right to invoice the customer for these items. Items will be valued as per the current prices on our Club Order page:

Samples should only be used as a guide to clothing sizes; our size guide is the primary tool for assessing correct sizing

Order/ Payment Terms:
We accept orders for custom clothing in 2 ways:

  - From a single representative who has collated the order and who arranges a combined payment on behalf of their organisation.
  - Directly from individuals of an organisation, where we collate the bulk order and invoice individuals directly.

Where a custom order is placed by a single representative of an organisation, a 50% deposit is required. Where we collate orders and take payments directly from individuals we require 100% of invoices to be paid for in full. Production will not begin until these payments terms have been met. The final balance is due prior to shipment of goods.

Once the artwork has been approved, changes to design or order detail may not be accepted. Any changes to the order will be accepted only at our discretion.

Customers that refuse or cancel orders after we have received the deposit will lose their 50% deposit and will be billed for the 50% balance. Where we have taken orders individually, each customer will forfeit their full payment.

There are many variables that can affect the delivery timescale. We will provide an estimated delivery date after the customerís designs have been approved and their deposits have been received. Delivery timescales are subject to our current production schedule and unless a specific date has been agreed upon in writing, delivery may be postponed. Completed orders will be shipped after customers balance is paid in full.

The customer understands the possibility of error and/ or delay. Tiger Frog is not responsible for replacement or refund. All sales are final.

We only accept returns for defects. We will not accept returns for incorrect sized garments. We have an accurate size guide and send out samples as requested. We ask clubs to retain incorrect sizes and sell in house. We will make additional items below our MOQs, for those who received an item that didn't fit. We can't stress enough the importance of following the size guide and using samples to assess sizing.

Our garments come with a six month manufacturing defect warranty. We will repair garments where possible. For items that cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to remanufacture these items. Refunds will only be given at our discretion. Warranty claims will be rejected if the item of clothing was not used as intended or if correct care was not taken of the garment.


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