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We're constantly updating, revising and creating our turbo sessions which are completely free to download and use. Based on PowerPoint, these can be opened and played on computers and smartphones.

The sessions are broken down into endurance, speed and strength/power sessions, to fit in with your current phase of training, or even your mood.

Please feel free to comment on the sessions or make suggestions. Easiest place is on our FaceBook page

Before following our training schedules participants must read our recommendations here

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Bench-marking Session
60 mins
8 min test

Sessions marked with * below have Power and LTHR figures as intensity guides. These sessions can be completed without power or heart rate, but the test above can be used to determine your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and/or Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR). These figures can then be used for the sessions. Click here to see how these figures are used in the session


Endurance Sessions
45 mins Endurance Base 1
42 mins Endurance Base 2
80 mins Endurance Base 3 * New
36 mins Endurance Build 1
1hr 30 Endurance Build 2
36 mins
Endurance Base 3
Speed Sessions
42 mins Speed Build 1
1 hr 00 Speed Build 2
42 mins Speed Build 3
38 mins Speed Build 4 - pyramids
42 mins Threshold Test
38 mins Speed Build 5
38 mins Speed Build 6 - lactate
Strength / Power Sessions
1hr 10 Strength/Power Build 1
55 mins Strength/Power Build 2
55 mins Strength/Power Build 3
1hr 15 Strength/Power Build 4
47 mins

Strength/Power Build 5


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