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We're really excited to be able to offer a fitness and nutrition element from Tiger Frog:

- Online Endurance Coaching - free 7-day trial
- 1:1 Personal Trainer sessions
- Nutritional Analysis and Support
- Training and Nutritonal Articles
- Free Turbo Training Programmes

Our Online Training Programmes are a fantastic solution for those who want to improve their race results and fitness levels through detailed programming and online support / feedback. Our methods are proven to be equal to face-to-face training methods when it comes to achieving personal goals. More...

Our 1:1 Personal Training Sessions are available in the Ellesmere area, (Shropshire, UK) and can focus on any element of fitness and lifestyles, not just endurance training. More...

Nutrition is a passion of ours and we are able analyse your current diet and recommend changes to ensure you achieve your aims, whether it be weight loss, physical/sports endurance performance, or just a healthier lifestyle with ‘more energy’ More...

Articles - we're in the process of putting our thoughts and experience into articles that focus on training and nutrition for performance, fitness, health and weight control. More...

Our Free Turbo Sessions are PowerPoint based so interactively run through sessions on your PC/Mac. With over 20 sessions focusing on Endurance, Speed, Power and Strength, there really is a session for everyone. More...
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