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Nutritional Analysis

The benefits of eating and drinking the correct foods at the right time in the right quantities cannot be underestimated: more energy, increased health and increased physical output are just a few of the benefits.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, fuel your way through Ironman training, wanting extra energy for sports performance/training or to generally improve your health – our online nutritional analysis will enable you to achieve your goals.

Phil has enormous passion and knowledge for all aspects of nutrition and his analysis allows him to review your current diet and implement improvements that will last a lifetime
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 Each analysis starts with some basic guidelines and then keeping a food diary for one week. Your diet is then fully analysed and comprehensive recommendations given based around your goals, your lifestyle and even your preferences.

Lifestyle.  All of our recommendations are based on the idea that your body ‘requires’ certain nutrients and by planning and consuming these with every meal/snack , your body is satisfied and will not crave/require extra food or those foods you really shouldn’t be consuming. By using this approach it is possible to follow the recommendations ‘for life’ and reap the rewards even as your circumstances change.

Support.  A new way of eating may take some adjusting to and factors may change; therefore, all diet plans are backed up with 6 months of unlimited support
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Nutritional Analysis package:

•  Guidelines and Nutritional Diary download

•  Personalised Nutritional Analysis

•  Dietary Recommendations

•  Unlimited support for 6 months

•  Only £35 for the complete package

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