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have developed a highly successful method for delivering World-Wide online training and coaching. Our approach is 100% personalised and yields fantastic results

Independent studies prove the online method of coaching and training.

Individual.  Every training plan is based around your specific goals which we mutually establish from the outset. Each plan is 100% bespoke and will fit around your goals, lifestyle and time available.

Tiger Frog training and Caoching Training Peaks

Each programme is designed and presented via Training Peaks
, giving you access the programme in an easy to use format  from any computer or smart phone.

Adaptable.  Training Peaks allows us to track your progress and to offer unlimited programme changes as required. Plans can be amended at anytime to suit changes in your situation or goals.

Relationship.  Through regular and unlimited e-mail contact and telephone/ Skype, if desired, we are able to build a relationship as you would when working face-to-face with a personal trainer or coach.

Affordable.  Training plans are priced extremely competitively and offer so much more than plans costing many times the price.

Goals.  Our approach to training makes our training suitable for all goals, whether competing internationally, training for health and/or weight loss or to complete a lifetime achievement.
Pay monthly online training package:

 100% personalised training programming based on
 your goals:

 - Personal online programme using Training Peaks
 - Unlimited email contact
 - Unlimited training plan editing
 - Weekly Telephone/ Skype Contact
 - Weekly analysis of training
 - Nutritional Support

 Only 50 per month - no contract

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